The Medium


Effective Medium
Digital billboards is the principle driver of growth for Out-of-Home, the second-fastest-growing advertising medium. Consumers now spend more time at work/on the move than even at home.   

Premium Audience
Reach the highly-desired but hardest-to-reach group of PMEBs and White Collar Workers, the group most difficult to reach by traditional media.

Effective Reach
Monthly reach of 140 million people-times (Hong Kong)/ 90 million people-times (Singapore). An ideal medium to complement adspend on Television to reach the affluent mass consumers.

Captive Environment
Reach your audience in a Totally Captive Environment while they wait for elevators.  Ad exposure at elevator lobbies is difficult to avoid, while ad avoidance is a growing problem with other media.

High Frequency
84 times per day during business hours 7 days a week, ensures high Ad Recall.  Delivers over 8 Times Ad Recall (Hong Kong)/ 11 Times Ad Recall (Singapore) over a 4-week campaign period.

Cost Efficiency
CPM of just HK$1.90 (Hong Kong)/ S$0.42 (Singapore) -  reaching Business Executives in a Captive Environment in the Prime Business Districts.