"Omnicom Media Group operates OMD Worldwide and the PHD Network in over 80 cities around the world.  We manage more than US$23 billion in annual media billings.  As the agency of choice in media planning and buying for global brands, we strive to partner with innovators to stay ahead of the ever changing media landscape.  Focus Media has pioneered a new window that combines the power of television with its unique captive environment and effectively delivers to our clients the highly-desired group of business executives and affluent consumers.  This unique platform is synonymous with our group's continued efforts to match global brands with quality audience."
- Mike Cooper, former CEO Asia Pacific, Omnicom Media Group;
  current Worldwide CEO, phd Network

"TNT's mission is to exceed our customers' expectations in the transfer of their goods and documents around the world. At TNT, we deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions through delivery networks. When it comes to communicating with our customers, we are constantly on the look out for industry innovators who share our values and who desire to work with us to succeed in today's highly competitive business landscape.  Focus Media operates at the heart of where our target customers are located.  Their canny ability to reach precisely the business executives minimize wastage and maximize our advertising dollar. As well, their sight & sound platform and unique high-frequency format effectively delivers our message to our customers in the most captive environment."
- Ambrose Linn, former MD, TNT Express Worldwide (Hong Kong)  ENG | CHI

Universal McCann is one of the world's largest media service firms that provide strategic services and consultancies in the areas of communication planning and buying.  These days being a good practitioner of media is no longer enough; our purpose is "to deliver sustainable communications advantage through engagement innovation and accountable creativity."  Focus Media is an innovative medium which combines the power of Television with the impact of Out-of-Home advertising.  It offers an unique captive environment which enables advertisers to capitalize on this powerful medium to capture the hardest-to-reach group of business executives and affluent consumers.
- Alice Lam, former MD, Universal McCann Hong Kong  ENG | CHI

"Focus Media has demonstrated a market-sensitive approach in their screen network expansion by targeting specific social groups to expand their Singapore audience base.  The Out-of-Home market will be steadily redefined as Focus Media continues to listen to the ground."
- Jeff Seah, former CEO, Mindshare and MAXUS Singapore; Current CEO Starcom Southeast Asia

"At ZenithOptimedia, as an ROI agency we are committed to drive accountable communication solutions for our clients and their brands - solutions which actually give their brands a sustained competitive edge in the marketplace. For this, we are constantly looking for partners who share this vision and this direction. In the out-of-home industry, which has seen tremendous growth over the last few years, we found a very willing partner in Focus Media. Focus Media has been at the forefront of driving these solutions with an uniquely and a precisely targeted product – a product which actually manages to capture a very elusive target segment of business executives, but yet they do it in a very simple but a captive and engaging manner."
- Harpreet Singh Kaintel, former CEO, ZenithOptimedia Singapore  ENG

"OMD is the largest and most creative media communications company in the world.  We consistently enhance the return on our clients' media investments with our unique consumer insights and powerful media ideas, and we constantly work with new relevant & innovative platforms that help our clients gain competitive edge in the market.  Focus Media has created an effective Out-of-Home platform with its digital displays that combine the power of Sight & Sound.  Its unique platform has the ability to reach the highly desired but elusive group of affluent consumers in a captive environment; this makes it an ideal choice to complement the main stream media."
- Gan Boon Guan, former MD, OMD Singapore; current COO, Carat Singapore  ENG

"Mindshare is a leading media planning and buying agency in Singapore.  With media proliferation and consumer segmentation, we are in constant search of new and innovative ways to reach consumers effectively.  In a short span Focus Media has created a niche for itself to reach affluent consumers in a captive environment.  We are confident that this channel will be used by more brands in the future."
-Manpreet Singh, former CEO, Mindshare Singapore; current CEO, Universal McCann China  ENG

"OMD is the largest and most creative media communications specialist in the world. Working closely with innovators, we constantly exploit the ever changing media landscape to reinvent our approach to media planning and buying beyond traditional channels.  Focus Media is a pioneer in the next generation out-of-home media. Their unique Out-of-Home digital displays reach precisely the business executives in a captive environment. We are confident that this channel will minimize the potential for ad avoidance that affects the effectiveness of an advertising campaign."
- Jackson Kwok, CEO, OMG Hong Kong  ENG | CHI

"phd is at the forefront of providing strategic media planning and buying solutions across 44 countries.  At phd, we excel in pioneering the quality of thinking that is reflected in our flair for innovative, creative executions & proprietary planning process.  Focus Media is the next-generation Out-of-Home advertising platform that mirrors the changing lifestyle and media consumption habits.  Their key alliances with strategic partners provide advertisers with spot-on solutions to reach different target segments through their very effective sight & sound digital displays in a very captive manner."
- Patricia Lim, former MD, phd Network Singapore  ENG

"Lift-lobby advertising targets a very specific audience, and it's easy to sell to advertisers"
- Steven Chang, CEO, Zenith/Optimedia China

"We have selected Focus Media as the sole medium for Standard Chartered Bank SME Banking Business Installment Loan product. After the campaign, the response and result is good. It is proven that Focus Media is very effective to reach small to medium size enterprise, at the same time to enhance the overall brand awareness within a very short period of time. I would recommend Focus Media."
- Ray Wong, CEO, phd Network Hong Kong ENG | CHI

"JobsDB is today the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific, we offer the most comprehensive job search and strive to match the best candidates with the right employers. Focus Media Hong Kong is the only medium that offers us the unique ability to reach our desired target audience of business executives in a captive environment when they are at work. Our partnership with Focus Media allows us to constantly communicate with our customers and maintain a life-long relationship with them which is vital to maintain as a leader in the market."hannel will minimize the potential for ad avoidance that affects the effectiveness of an advertising campaign."
- Vincent Koo, General Manager, JobsDB Hong Kong  ENG | CHI

"We are attracted to Focus Media Hong Kong's offering because it enables us to reach a group of business executives and affluent professionals in a captive environment. Because our show is so visually enthralling, it is an ideal platform for us to promote Quidam to our precise target audience in Hong Kong."
- Milan Rokic, Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, Cirque du Soleil

"The advertising industry is rapidly changing and media itself is constantly evolving. Advertisers are always on the look out for new and innovative ways to reach their customers; FocusMedia is one of those innovative ways that advertisers will want to explore."
- William Lo, former Non-Executive Chairman, WPP Greater China

"Ad Spend should be creative to stand out from the crowd, to advertise at the building elevator lobby, we can utilize people's waiting time for promotions, it helps to increase the promotion impact"
- David Yang, Vice President of Advertising & Marketing, PCCW

"Focus Media's network attracts attention, and is an extremely effective method to reach our target customers"
- Richard Stanley, former CEO, Citibank China; former CEO, DBS

"The LCD display catches the attention of our female target audiences on their way to and from work, resulting in our product being top-of-mind during work and being purchased after work"
- Peter Chen, Advertising & PR Director, Avon

"Our research shows that LCD media is highly accepted by target audiences and its recognition is even higher than television amongst middle to high income earners"
- Rita Chan, Executive Director, Sales & Client Service, Neilson Media Research