Feature Films


On 20th August 2015, our Group acquired an investment holding company which indirectly holds a 75% equity interest in Stan Lee Global Entertainment, LLC ("SLGE"). SLGE is engaged in the business of film development, production and distribution and currently holds over 30 intellectual property rights for motion picture development in the form of concept, treatment and/or film script among which 3 are already in the development phases with a view to commence formal shooting in the next 2 years. The remaining 25% equity interest of SLGE is owned by POW! Entertainment, Inc. ("POW!")

Mr. Stan Lee (‘‘Stan’’) is the chairman and chief creative officer of POW!. Stan is known to many as the co-creator of many Marvel superheroes. Stan’s co-creations include Spider-ManTM, The Incredible HulkTM, X-MenTM, The Fantastic FourTM, Iron ManTM, AvengersTM* and many others. Stan has created numerous new characters and stories in areas including publishing, film, television reality, stage, documentary, and multimedia.

POW! is a multimedia production and licensing company that creates and licenses animated and live-action fantasy and superhero entertainment content and merchandise, leveraging the creative output and brand image of Stan. POW! develops Stan’s originally created projects for traditional entertainment media including feature length films in live action and animation, DVD, live entertainment, television programming, merchandising and new media such as online digital programming and video games.